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Best Konnakol Moments | Ghatam Giridhar Udupa | Indian classical music | Carnatic music

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You will love this Best Ghatam Konnakol with Ghatam exponent Giridhar Udupa who is a percussionist par excellence from India. This video is from the concert titled ‘Percussion Masters’ - a percussion ensemble consisting of the Tabla, Jori, Mridangam and Ghatam. It is a 5 minute Konnakol solo recital of the young Ghatam player will definitely give you a boost. You can feel the energy in this presentation which loved by all of the musicians on the stage and in the audience. This is one of our favourite Konnakol solo recitals.

Ghatam and Giridhar Udupa are synonymous in Carnatic Music. He started training in Mridangam, a different percussion instrument altogether, under his father Vidwan Ullur Nagendra Udupa from the age of 4. In an interview to Darbar, he reminisces how he was more fluent in the rhythm syllables of the Mridangam before he had even learned the first syllables of his mother tongue.

Ghatam happened in the process of an experimental adventure by his father. At age 9, one of his father’s colleagues had a Mridangam concert in which, he needed a Ghatam accompanist. Giridhar was taught the first few basics of Ghatam overnight by his father after which, he played the concert which captivated the seniors and also made him realize that perhaps, Ghatam was his calling.

A charming stage presence with a cherubic smile, Giridhar is one of the few musicians of his genre who has pushed the boundaries of a hoary tradition and collaborated with other genres of music, making it a happy marriage of ideas and disciplines.

Notice the modulation of his voice and the way he sets to motion, a peppy groove throughout his recitation – it sets an example of how music can be made universally appealing even though a strict adherence to age-old traditions is maintained at the same time.

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Musicians on stage:
- Giridhar Udupa (Ghatam)
- Sai Giridhar (mridangam)
- Satyajit Talwalkar (Tabla)
- Sukhwinder Singh (Jori)
- Milind Kulkarni (harmonium nagma)

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