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Bogdan Belyaev, Radu Caragea, Max Paragraph, and Artur Lisnyi - When I’m Gone | Official Audio

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Four musicians with different backgrounds and from different countries uniting and creating the “When I’m Gone” - a song that was formed right in the midst of the corona-times. When you take a look at each member's history, you will see artists that have one core value in common: they all fought for their dream, music.

Although they never met in person, Max Paragraph, Radu Caragea, Artur Lisnyi, and Bogdan Belyaev managed to create their single while working together exclusively online. ”When I’m gone” is about the social reality around us that forces us to pick a side. By doing this, it creates the illusion that we know the correct answer. But in reality, there are many more unknown facts than we can ever grasp. In the end, the only thing we can be certain about is that we will die.
Bogdan Belyaev, a neoclassical composer, pianist-autodidact from Ukraine. His music merges ambient, electronic sounds complimented by live instruments. Each of his albums has its own little story.

Max is a city-cowboy-man. He grew up in industrial paradise full of corruption and synthetic drugs. But his soul attends to simplicity and truth, so we can name it UrbanFolk (Skate instead of horse). Max Paragraph is a one-man-band for most of the times: guitar, stomp-box and harmonica. But you also can hear it with minimalistic synthesizer and beautiful female voice.

Radu Caragea is the bass player of long-time running Romanian alternative rock band Omul cu Șobolani. Radu has also previously played a long range of genres, from irish traditional music through blues to regular cover bands, sometimes playing also unconventional instruments such as ukulele or the bodhrán. He plays on "Team Citadel" too, acting as vice-president of leading Romanian NGO Funky Citizens.

Artur Lisnyi is a young, open minded multi-instrumentalist from Ukraine. Music is the air, he can't live without. He is still in search of his own sound and conceptions. At the moment Artur`s compositions are influenced by synth-pop and classical instrumental music.

"When I'm Gone" was created during Eastern European Music Academy (#EEMA), an educational project that aims to unite the eastern European region.

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