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Cafe Crash w/ Cellista

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Cafe Crash chats with cellist, music producer, and publisher Cellista about production, quarantine, her new album and working with her dad. Your host is that weirdo, Daniel Crosier.

Full Bio:
Cellista is an American cellist, performance artist & composer. She is known for her collaborations with artists across various media, as well as self-producing stage poems (live performances staged in unconventional spaces that incorporate elements of classical music, theater, improvisation and visual art across a range of genres including pop, hip-hop, classical and more). These performances often feature a carbon fiber cello and loop station.

Her latest production, a multimedia noise opera accompanied by a full-length book entitled Transfigurations, debuted to critical acclaim in 2019 and toured on national and international stages.

Her interdisciplinary exhibit The End of Time premiered alongside internationally renowned visual artist Barron Storey’s solo exhibit Quartet at Anno Domini art gallery in downtown San Jose. The dual exhibition, created in tribute to French composer Olivier Messiaen’s seminal chamber work The Quartet for the End of Time, received mention in Juxtapoz Magazine.

A noted session musician for both recording and live performance, Cellista has worked with Grammy-nominated artist Tanya Donelly, producer John Vanderslice, Troyboi, Don McLean, Casey Crescenzo, Van Dyke Parks and Pam the Funkstress, and soprano Carla Canales at Hear Her Song, a project that promotes women's voices through the original compositions of female composers.

She is an elected chapter governor for the SF chapter of the Recording Academy (Grammy’s) and a former San Jose arts commissioner. She attends Berklee College of Music for a graduate degree in business.

Cellista plays a Luis & Clarke carbon fibre cello and an 1885 Czech cello named Chordelia.

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