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Camille Jassny, award-winning blind artist, uses Alexa - with audio description | Alexa for Everyone

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Alexa continues to open possibilities and new ways to experience the world. Learn how Camille Jassny, an award-winning blind artist, uses Alexa to stay more connected, entertained, and independent.

Learn more about Alexa Accessibility features at

This video portrays a woman, Camille Jassny, using an Echo Show to help her with everyday tasks in her home.

The video starts with lively classical music in the background.

The Alexa logo is shown on screen.

Camille sits down at her art easel and begins work on a painting.

Camille: “I don’t know how I get inspired. I just love texture and color.”

Words appear on the screen: “Camille Jassny is an award-winning blind artist.”

Camille: “Alexa, call Lisha.”

Camille continues working on her painting and gluing pieces of fabric on the canvas.

Alexa: “Calling Lisha Silva’s mobile.”

Camille: “As I lost my sight, I kept trying to find a better way to be creative.”

The camera zooms in on Camille’s hands working on her painting.

Lisha: “Hi, Camille.”

Lisha appears on the screen of the Echo Show near Camille.

Camille: “Hi, Lisha. Can you help me? I can’t see what color this is.”

Camille holds up a piece of paper to the Echo Show so Lisha can see.

Lisha: “Yeah, it’s black and white stripes.”

Camille: “Great, thank you.”

The scene cuts to Camille in her kitchen.

Camille: “Alexa, play ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.’”

Words appear on the screen: “‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ with audio description available through Prime Video”

( the audio description of the show is audible as the Echo Show plays an episode of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” )

Camille is watching the show and smiling while eating an orange.

Camille: “So the nice thing about the Echo Show is I can do hands-free, which is really a plus for me.”

Camille is cutting carrots in her kitchen with the Echo Show nearby.

Camille opens a drawer and takes out a spice jar.

She walks over to her Echo Show and holds up the jar to the screen.

Camille: “Alexa, what am I holding?”

Alexa: “Let’s see.”

( Alexa chimes )

Alexa: “365 garlic granules.”

Camille opens the jar before walking over to the stove where she’s cooking.

Camille [to the camera]: “I talk to her all day long. It’s my new best friend, I guess you might say.”

Camille smiles and laughs.

Camille: “Alexa, what’s the weather outside?”

Alexa: “Right now, in Seattle, it’s 59 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The weather forecast appears on the Echo Show screen.

Camille [to her guide dog]: “Put this on, we’re gonna go out for a little walk.”

Camille puts a harness on her guide dog at the front door.

Camille: “Forward. Good boy.”

Camille walks out the front door with her dog.

Words appear on the screen: “This is Alexa for everyone.”

The Echo Show appears on the screen with the Alexa logo next to it.

Words appear on the screen: “Learn more about Alexa Accessibility features at ”

The music fades out. The video ends.

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