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Welcome to our school page, we help dance students all levels for the fast progress in their ballet training, our classes work on ballet technique as well as artistry to make sure our students can move gracefully and elegantly, we call our school a “beauty factory”.

We current offer online ballet zoom classes only.

Join my online zoom classes by clicking the link below to register, classes for age 12 up, all levels, beginner ballet, intermediate ballet, advanced ballet. The classes are all in Los angels time.

Basic Ballet II for students have 1 year ballet training.

Intermediate II for students have over 3 years ballet training.

Intermediate/Advanced ballet for students have over 5years ballet training.

Open for online one on one private class in your convenient time and focus on your ballet needs.

You can contact me directly at @


Yelp page:


WeChat: Pladance_8


A graduate of the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy as ballet teaching major, Preston Li was one of only 5 boys from across the country to attend China’s leading dance institution. He is trained in classical Russian and RAD ballet styles and is a trained choreographer, ballet coach and director.

Preston won gold and silver medals in ballet competitions during his time in China and was selected as one of only 4 top dancers to perform musicals with Shiki Theatre Company Tokyo, Japan. After the musicals’ successful runs, Preston received a full scholarship to Princeton Ballet, in New Jersey, USA. He also held principal positions with Joffrey II, Los Angeles Classical Ballet, Ballet MET, Grand Rapids Ballet and other notable dance companies throughout the

Prior to opening his own studio, Preston was appointed as a co-artistic director in a South Bay-area school where he taught, choreographed and directed for 7 years; rehearsed and coached at a regional company that was a member of the Regional Dance Festival, taking them to the highest “Honors” status within the region; and taught at various schools throughout the greater , San Gabriel Valley and South Bay regions.

Preston’s notable students include coaching Winter Olympics figure skaters and a ballet dancer competing in the Beijing International Ballet Competition in China.

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