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Down At the Huskin’ Bee (1909)

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Down At the Huskin’ Bee from S. R. Henry's Barn Dance; the 1909 song version. Words by Monroe H. Rosenfeld. Music by S. R. Henry. Published by Jos. W. Stern & Co. This was first published as an instrumental in 1908.


How’d you like to see a huskin’ bee
Huskin’ bee, huskin’ bee
If you’re out for fun, by jiminy, come with me
All the folks in town are coming down
Coming down, coming down
Come and join the barn dance, everything is free
Hurry along and come with me
There’ll be Sally Brown and Obadiah Perkins
There’ll be Jeremiah at the door
Such jolly fun you’ve never seen before
And when the music stops you’ll ask for more
You can hug and tease and squeeze as much as you may please
And that, you know, is going some
But it’s best to be particular just how much you tickle her
Or else you’ll get her mad, by gum

Come along and let’s make merry
Down at the huskin’ bee
Applejack and good blackberry
We’ll have a jamboree
Don’t you hear the fiddles ringin’
Big time for you and me
Come along with me to Uncle Josh
We’ll have lots of fun b’gosh’
Down at the huskin’ bee

Bow to the right, Balance her tight
Oh you Boob
Swing her around, Bow to the ground
Hey there, Rube


Backing track by Jonathan Parks.
Vocal and video by Fred Feild.
The sheet music and midi for this song are at:

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