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Fire Truck Game Simulator 2020 - Airplane Fire Rescue #5 - Android GamePlay

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Fire Truck Game Simulator 2020 - Airplane Fire Rescue #5 - Android GamePlay

Welcome to the world of fire rescue games where you are going to become the best fireman in the department. Do you have any experience of fire rescue simulator games, where you have done your duty as a fire rescuer or you are a real firefighter in life? Would you like to play 911 Airplane Fire Rescue Simulator with the exciting and challenging levels where you have to become a quick firefighter in the emergency plan to rescue people's lives? You've played a lot of fire brigade games and Emergency Landing Plan games, but this plane rescue game is going to give you the best firefighter gaming experience. So are you ready to complete the fire rescuer duty? If so, then Gig Great Games welcomes you in the most adventurous and exciting plane rescue simulator game. So, wear the firefighter's outfit and prepare for the emergency plane rescue.

In this fire rescue simulator game, there is a plane crash landing emergency. Hurry up to the crash site and start acting like a hero. Put the flames with the hoses on your fire truck. Take your hose and hit your firefighter combat boots; fires don't wait for anyone. This emergency landing games plan is a real fireman truck simulator and you have to become the best fire truck driver to get to the emergency place in time. If you will be late the plane will explode. This fire rescue simulator includes 911 missions truck driving and rescue brigade. You can race through the smooth roads of the city with your team in a fast car race. Evade traffic and keep pedestrians safe.


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