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Hard Times Come Again No More-Relaxing Piano Music for Sleep-Traditional American Song-Shino Piano

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This is "Hard Times Come Again No More" or "Hard Times", an American traditional song, composed by Stephen Foster in 1854. The song asks the fortunate to consider the plight of the less fortunate. The recording is arranged & played by Shino Piano. Although some of Stephen Foster's songs can be considered politically inappropriate in this modern era, I believe this particular song depicts compassion for the less fortunate people in his time.

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You can listen to the music when you work, study, read a book, eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, do the housework, knit, paint, get ready for bed, and relax in the evening. The researches show that music increases your concentration, attention span, and memory as well as alleviates your stress and anxiety.

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この曲はアメリカ民謡、ステイーブン フォスター作曲の「すべては終わりぬ」です。「厳しい時代はもうやって来ない」とも呼ばれます。聴いてくれてありがとうございます。是非 ★★ Shino Piano ★★ 登録してください!癒しのピアノ、落ち着くピアノ、リラクゼーションのピアノのチャンネルです。

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