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Introduction to Guitar| Basic Guitar Lesson for Beginners in (Hindi) by Musicwale

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After this Introduction to Guitar Basic lesson you can learn through our Basic Guitar series below:

Below are 10 basic videos on Beginner Guitar:

Part 1: Basic Exercises

Part 2: Basic Leads in Guitar

Part 3: Strumming Pattern

Part 4: Basic Open chords : Part 1

Part 5: Basic Open chords : Part 2

Part 6: Singing with Guitar

Part 7: Learn your first song

Part 8: Doubts and Questions

Part 9: Perfecting the Rhythm

Part 10: Second Song

--------------About Musicwale--------------

Musicwale brings facility for all Music Lovers to learn not just guitar but other Instruments like Keyboard, Harmonium, Tabla, Bass Guitar, Djembe, Song creation, Mixing and mastering, different formats of singing like Classical, Semiclassical, Folk, Western, Bollywood etc., Filmography & Videography & that’s not enough you can become a ’Music Teachers’ too.

----------------------Weekly Schedule ------------

Alternate Wednesday - Q&A Live Session
Tuesday & Saturday - Our usual Video Lessons


1. Basic Guitar Lessons For Beginners

2. Advanced Guitar series (5 Lessons)

3. Singing Lessons for Beginners

4. What do students say for Musicwale Online classes?

5. Basic Ukulele Lessons (Hindi)

6. Neha Kakkar Guitar Songs

7. Sonu Nigam Guitar songs

8. Arijit Singh Guitar Songs

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Introduction to Guitar Basic Guitar Lesson for Beginners in (Hindi) by Musicwale

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