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||Mafia Cheater|| When he regrets cheating on you but he's too late to make you comeback(jk sad ff)

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so this is the bonus part of when you found out he slept with another girl last night which youtube force me to delete it imma Tell the story was a mafia he cheated on y/n for the first time, y/n character here is don't giving many kook regret on that day he tried to approach y/n but he failed, y/n stayed thinking if she can fixed the realtionship they had but everytime she's seeing kook scene is keep flashing back on her mind and then one day her childhood friend which is taehyung came back from the korea cause actually why he mived on states because he loves y/n but jungkook get her first so he decided to let her go but when he found out kook cheated on take advantage to make y/n moved on for him not to see y/n crying or feeling always going out and one day y/n decide to end the relationship she had with choose to let her go cause she will be happy and is the bonus part for y' safe and love yah????????

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