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Nara Noïan - Valse du voyage imaginaire

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Valse du voyage imaginaire - composition, arrangement, piano by Nara Noïan
Extract from Nara Noïan's new album "Just a piano" "Just a piano" available on
Just a piano, the latest album from Nara Noian.

Just a piano !
Pieces for solo piano and four hands.

Nara Noian dedicates her 8th Opus to the piano.
It is a love song about harmony, tenderness and passion and is consecrated to this instrument with which she has always been hopelessly in love.
We discover with happiness original works composed by this artist of classical training.

She has chosen with « Just a piano » to carry us on a romantic journey which proves to be as gentle and lyrical as it is fiery and melancholic.
"Just a piano" provides precious moments for lovers of modern, classical music, for amaters of film music and above all for those for whom the piano fascinates and inspires.

Listening to Nara Noïan on the piano is like shivering, seeing, thinking, flying away, finding yourself, crying or smiling! His melodies are only simple in appearance, because they touch with their tenderness and a new impressionism. It is attractive and delicate music. We imagine a musical conversation with the artist and the notes sometimes are like light feet that twirl during a dance.
Just a piano, the latest album from Nara Noian available here: - Delivery is included in the purchase price! Shipping all over the world!

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