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PRELUDE in E Minor ♪ Chopin ♪ Relaxing Classical Piano Music Cover ~ MUSIC BONAPARTE

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Piano performance of Canadian pianist & arranger Bonaparte | PRELUDE IN E Minor by Frederic Chopin

A beautifully serene piece of music from Chopin that he requested be played at his funeral. It is a piece of music that captures your heart and almost makes you want to place your head into the piano to take it all in.

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#chopin #classicalmusic #pianocover
This Toronto based pianist writes and performs thoughtful arrangements popular and classical music, movie / TV series themes / soundtracks by blending classical technique with jazz harmonies.
His choice of repertoire reveals not only his curiosity of music, but also his immense knowledge of the interesting stories and facts behind its inception and the social and political commentary around it.
These solo piano renditions are pared down to the most important, basic elements of music, melody, harmony and rhythm.

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