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The power of music is fascinating, it has a unique connection to our emotions ☞ ♡ ✓
"New Age Time" Music Videos :
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♩ Our New Age instrumental music is a genre of music intended to promote inspiration, relaxation and optimism ☞ Find Yourself ♡

♩ Our music is well suited for Yoga exercises, Meditation, falling asleep, Reading, Working, Learning or Studying, as well as Massage and as a Stress management method to create a peaceful Background atmosphere.

♩ The Instrumental Music includes acoustic-musical forms with instruments such as Flute music, Piano music, Guitar, as well as various instruments from Africa and the Far East, often supplemented by Indian music, Tibetan music or music for Zen Meditation and Reiki music with nature sounds. With Jungle music, Birdsongs, Forest music, Rain Music, Fire and Water sounds.

Frequencies used in our New Age Instrumental Relaxing music:

☞ Natural healing with 432Hz
✓ 432Hz - is the harmonic intonation of nature. 432 Hz music resonates in your body when listening, and is helpful in resolving the emotional blocks and the expansion of consciousness. With 432 Hz music, you can more intuitively tune in to the knowledge of the universe around us, or simply relax, fall asleep, meditate, learn, or work.

☞ Love Frequency 528Hz ♡♡♡
✓ 528Hz - Let the frequency of love be work in you.
According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz is the 528 Hertz frequency, which is central to the "musical-mathematical matrix of creation". More than any previously discovered sound resonates with the "LOVE FREQUENCY" at the heart of everything. It connects the heart and the spiritual essence with the spiraling reality around us. Sound and vibrations can activate DNA, after theory of Dr Leonard Horowitz, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to repair and heal damaged DNA.

✓ 396 Hz "UTqueant laxis" - Liberation from guilt and fear.
✓ 417 Hz "REsonare fibris" - Resonance with the Universe, undoing situations and facilitating changes.
✓ 528 Hz "MIra gestorum" - Transformation, miracles and signs, repair of DNA.
✓ 639 Hz "FAmuli tuorum" - Harmonic relationships and connections.
✓ 741 Hz "SOLive polluti" - Awakening of intuition, expression and solutions, purification and release.
✓ 852 Hz "LAbii reatum" - Return to the spiritual order.
✓ 174 Hz - frequency of earth energies.
✓ 285 Hz - frequency of the original form and energy.
✓ 963 Hz - frequency of divine harmony.

☞ Classical music
The classical music of some of the world's most famous composers such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi, Chopin, Schubert, Debussy, Brahms, Dvorak, Schumann, Tchaikovsky and many others seems to me actually to be immortal, and fascinates again and again, with the ease and beauty of their complex sounds.

✓The Self-interpreted classical music with sometimes much reduced tempo is ideal as background music for, working reading,study, sleeping, for better relaxation and recreation.

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