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Strauss Conducts Don Juan (1944)

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Richard Strauss
Don Juan (Tone Poem), Op. 20

Richard Strauss, conductor
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

Recorded in June, 1944
Vienna, Austria

By his early career in the 1880s Richard Strauss made a name for himself as a great composer as well as conductor. "Don Juan", from 1888, is one of his best known works from his early years.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday in 1944 an entire week of broadcast was dedicated to his genius as both composer and conductor, and all of it comes to us on some of the earliest magnetic tapes ever made.

The present tape recordings were from the air, and we cannot be sure exactly how they were made, nor who made them.

Nevertheless, the sound here from 1944 is fairly good, and we get to hear Strauss in his later years as a conductor.

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