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???? Stream Schedule:
???? *New* Discord:
❤️ *New* My Patreon: 
???? Help me get a better chair:
???? Your Stats: type !stats in the chat (use the chat once in awhile so the bot will follow your progress)
???? My Equipment & supplements I take:

???? Forest App: Download the app, and join us. Use the code "SFN8XNSG" after signing up by clicking the "Invite friends", and then "Enter Referral Code".

???? Reach 1000+ Hours to get the "Lion King" Discord rank.

???? Who are you? What is this?
My name is Ari Horesh. I am 22. I am a medical student from Italy (University of Pavia), originally from Israel. In the past couple of years, I dedicated my time and money to educate people worldwide.

I am passionate about bringing people together and encouraging them to strive to know more.
As time passes, the limited resources are definitely something that holds me back.
If you believe in me and want to help me keep doing what I love and do the best - please join my Patreon!

This way, you can support me, get to know me personally, and help bring my countless ideas to life.
Ah, and you will also get some really nice perks!

 Ari ❤️????

???? How do we study? 
We follow the 50/10 Pomodoro, the first 50 minutes of each hour will be dedicated to studying, and then we will have a break and talk in the last 10 minutes!

Long Break during the 5th session.

 ???? You don't eat on stream?
I do OMAD (One Meal A Day).
I eat and workout hours before studying but sometimes ill eat during the stream and take a long break.

???? Why the name "EnterMedSchool"? EnterMedSchool is a non-profit community for medical-related students from all over the world. The website started as a community for IMAT (the Italian medical entrance exam) aspirants. Still, my next dream is to make it international, connect students from all over the world, and give everyone free high-quality study materials and motivation to study together. I want to cover more medical entrance exam as the BMAT, MCAT, NEET, all for free. ????

 ???? Why non-profit?
I truly believe knowledge should be free. Once I saw the monopoly of charging $$$ for medical entrance exams or any exam in general, I decided to create a sane alternative, with the same, or even better (wink wink), content!

???? How often do you live stream?
I will do my best to stream 6-7 times a week. 12-15 hours each time. check the link above for my exact schedule

????More QnA:

I am 188 cm
I wake up at 6am
I speak English, Hebrew, and un po di Italiano
I live with 2 awesome roommates, and they study medicine with me
I sleep for 7-8 hours every night
What is the tattoo? It is a lion tattoo.
Ari in Hebrew means lion. It was also my grandfather's name.
I am eating clean Paleo (only meat, vegetables, and some fruits)
I am studying Anatomy and Histology right now.
I have 2 sisters
Most of my clothes are second hand.
I play bass guitar, but I left it back home with my cat :(
I trained my self to stay focused by setting small goals along the way, which motivates me to keep going.
Why do you study so much? medicine
 Which kind of medicine do you want to practice? Not sure yet, but I find metabolism and embryology fascinating. 
Why medicine? My goal in life is to help people, I was also amazed by biology, as well. 
I am Libra
My fav book is "12 Rules For Life" by and "The Old Man and The Sea" by Hemingway
I don׳t like talking about politics
fav movie "The Intouchables."  

Break Music:
[Prod. by Lukrembo, look him up!]

#studywithme #MedStudent

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