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This Pianist Plays Classical Music to Soothe A Blind Elephant (Video)

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This Elephant’s World Was Dark And Empty, Until A Man And A #Piano Came Along.

#Elephants are amazing creatures that are actually quite a lot like humans: they have long memories, they socialize, have complex ways of communicating, and even can be seen painting.

But an elephant's life isn't always easy, especially when they are currently being threatened by poaching and habitat loss through deforestation. Such is the case in #Thailand, where logging operations used domesticated elephants in transporting lumber; however, once the forests were gone, many of these elephants were left 'unemployed' and suffering work-related conditions like blindness.

Helping to rehabilitate these forgotten creatures is British-born pianist Paul Barton, who plays the piano for #blind and injured elephants living in Elephants World, a Thai sanctuary for rescued pachyderms. It's a remarkable thing to watch this classically trained pianist play soothing tunes for these gentle, sightless giants


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