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Training Hero: Always focuses on training Gameolay ( ANDROID/iOS ) iWantGAMES

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About This Game????

I never stopped training. Enjoy the unique one on one combat RPG!

Finally! The Top Class 7 Star Equipment Update is complete!
Acquire the 7 Star Equipment and take on the Legendary Training Center.

Train through Illusion!
Equip the randomly appearing equipment.
You can experience the power of 7 Star equipment.
Illusion Training provides the best training EXP.

A new server with improved network environment has been created.
Try creating a new character on a new server.

The new servers are America and Euro servers.
Because the server is located in the area, the network environment will be speedy.

Do you want to know how I have become a powerful hero?
I never stopped training.

You will become an invincible hero
if you keep doing pushups, situps, and running,
which are the basics of all battle.

Enjoy the unique one on one combat RPG!

10 minutes is more than enough!
You will be mesmerized by training!


Always focus on training!


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■■■■■ Game Features ■■■■■

■Train your way up to unlimited power!
Guaranteed fun and excitement!

■Enhance and combine various items!
You don’t need to spend a fortune! There are plenty of free giveaways!

■Enjoy the intense one on one combat!
Have fun with the unique, exciting PvP!

“Training Hero” will grow up with you guys
Your precious reviews will be valuable to the developers :)

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