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Understanding Meend | Shri Kumar Mardur | Indian Classical Music

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In this episode, we strengthen our understanding of #Meend with a help of a breathtaking presentation of Raag Gaud Sarang, sung by Shri Kumar Mardur, an outstanding vocalist from the Kirana Gharana.

The Meend, as we discussed in the previous episode, gives a well rounded appearance to whatever it is that you may be singing or playing.


As I've said before, this is the one stop channel that you need to keep your eye on, in order to understand and not necessarily perform ICM.

Thanks again to #Darbar for putting out such great music.

Remember the key to understand #IndianClassicalMusic lies in keeping it simple and fun, which is why this channel was formed in the first place.

See if you can sit through short (around 10 minutes) clips of ICM on YouTube or elsewhere and gradually learn how to enjoy the process using the techniques we have learnt in the previous videos.


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